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Mix smaller yarns to obtain the size of yarn you want to work with...and mix different colors to create variegated yarns that are GUARANTEED not to pool or stripe...and you can create magic!

small wool yarnstwo colors of quiviut :-)

The first image shows typical weaving sized yarns. I used the three on the left combined to get a nice DK??? heavier sock type yarn. They have been dyed with kool-aid. These three yarns, before they were dyed were used for this sock.

The picture on the right shows a mossy green worked with a a medium brown. The mix will be a perfect camouflage colored hat for DH this Christmas. Starting this project this morning, I was using only one strand and had trouble deciding which of the two colors to use...then I decided a hat on size 2.0 mm. needles was not going to be fun, so I frogged and started again using both strands and size 4mm needles.

Mixing the two colors will give a variegated effect with no stripes or puddles :-)

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July 4th, 2008
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